Galina’s Music Studio offers a Certification Program for students wishing to earn a High School Diploma in Music. This music diploma benefits students interested in perusing their musical education at Colleges or Universities. 

Galina Corkery is the chairperson of the Livermore chapter for the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Congratulations to all our piano students who participated in and passed their

National Guild Piano Auditions 2017:


Serena Bond*


Dominic Wong*

Annelyse Combitsis*


Ava Tolentino*

Christian Johansson*+


Olivia Buskard

Sophia Kim*


Lauren Callahan

Yeonjun Kim*


Alexander Micu

John Mori*


Katelyn Mann

Sydney Myers*


Victoria Neumann

Evie Richardson*


Olivia O’Donnell

Carly Sharbach*


 Alexa Stone

Calvin R. Shawler*


 Sean Puzder

*Top Talent National Guild Recipient
±Awarded High School Diploma in Music through the National Guild of Piano Teacher Auditions