Piano lessons for any skill level

Whether you're just learning the keys and notes, or want to learn advanced chords and techniques, our teachers can make learning fun.

Offering In Person or Online Lessons

Music is life. That's why your heart has beats.

Play Happy

Learn the ukulele and bring smiles everywhere you play!

Play your favorite riffs

No matter your skill level, learn the cords, strumming patterns and picking techniques to your favorite songs.

Let your voice be heard

We teach classical singing lessons to develop your voice no matter what the range. Learn the tips and singing exercises of the pros!


Earn Your Certificate

Become a qualified music professional with certification through the American College of Musicians/NGPT program.

Expert Music Teachers

Fully accredited, degreed, and experienced musical instructors make learning music enjoyable not matter which instrument your interested in learning.

Happy Students

Our students range from grade school student to adults that always had an interest. Many students have even gone into a professional career in music!

"I began learning under the tutelage of Galina close to five years ago. My voice was very weak, airy, and unsupported, but it was with the careful, personal attention that Ms. Galina endlessly provided me with that my voice was able to blossom and mature. She helped me find my true voice. Training with her has created me into an artist, not just a voice student. Each class is a lesson on life, art, and music. Galina is such a unique and special teacher because she cares for each student, has a vast, deep, and finessed knowledge of music and the voice, and is so passionate about giving music to all. It was directly because of Galina that I was accepted to study Drama at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in NYC. Living in NYC now, working as a professional actress, I can say that Galina has been one of the most important people in my development as an artist: I still find myself thinking back to exercises we did and directly applying it out in the field. I urge you to study with Galina, as the knowledge, technical skill, and wonderful memories you will gain as a result are incomparable. Galina has inspired me to keep learning, and, most importantly, keep art a part of my life."

− Brinda Dixit

"I've wanted to learn to play the piano for years and Galina has helped turn my dreams into a passion. I went from knowing nothing to playing classics like Bach!"

− Jennifer O'Donnell, Dublin

"At Galina's, I've honed my guitar skills and made my love of music into a professional career!"

− Kevin Vasko, Livermore

"All the instructors have been professional, friendly and incredibly patient. I have so much fun playing the piano now and actually enjoy playing for other people."

− Krista Trill, Pleasanton