We can help advanced students develop their skills to prepare for auditions and competitions while introducing music to students who are just getting started. We admire and appreciate all students, whether they are continuing their studies, learning piano for the first time, or returning after a hiatus. We provide students with a strong foundation in classical music while giving them the freedom to explore their interests.

We’re hiring

We are a music studio specializing in piano, guitar, ukulele and voice instruction for all ages and levels.There are openings for music instructors who are passionate and dedicated to teaching music. Interested candidates must be able to work a minimum of 2 days per week. Music majors with teaching experience required. Please email us your resume or mail it to our address below.

"I urge you to study with Galina, as the knowledge, technical skill, and wonderful memories you will gain as a result are incomparable. Galina has inspired me to keep learning, and, most importantly, keep art a part of my life."

− Brinda Dixit

"I've wanted to learn to play the piano for years and Galina has helped turn my dreams into a passion. I went from knowing nothing to playing classics like Bach!"

− Jennifer O'Donnell, Dublin

"At Galina's, I've honed my guitar skills and made my love of music into a professional career!"

− Kevin Vasko, Livermore

"All the instructors have been professional, friendly and incredibly patient. I have so much fun playing the piano now and actually enjoy playing for other people."

− Krista Trill, Pleasanton