Galina’s Music Studio offers a Certification Program for students wishing to earn a High School Diploma in Music. This music diploma benefits students interested in perusing their musical education at Colleges or Universities. 

Galina Corkery is the chairperson of the Livermore chapter for the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Award Winners

United State Open Music Competition

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the United States Open Music Competition (USOMC).  Over 1500 students competed during the weeklong event held in Oakland, CA.  All of our student received praising comments from the judges on the playing of their pieces.  In addition, the following students were awarded metals for the pieces they performed at the USOMC in the following categories:

USOMC 2020 Award Winners

Treasury of Classical Composers

Mina Uberoy -1st Place    Daniel Steibelt Sonatina in A minor

Open Duet Romantic Category

Annelyse Combitsis and Ruman Das 1st place    Schubert: March & Trio Op.40 No.1, D.819 in Eb Major

Treasury of Romatic composers

Misha Uberoy – 2nd Place    J.F.F. Burgmuller “Tender Flower” Op.100, No.10

Annelyse Combitsis 3rd Place    S.Rachmaninoff Etude Tableaux Op.33,No.5 

Sophia Kim  – 4th place    Chopin Valse Op.69, No. 2 in B minor (Fontana  Version)

Open Own Composition

Calvin Shawler –  2nd place

Open Solo

Calvin Shawler  – 2nd place    D. Kabalevsky  Sonata op.13, no.1 in C major

Treasury of Contemporary Composers

Ruman Das – 3rd place    Frank Bridge “Rosemary” (from Sketches)

Treasury of Baroque Composers

Serena Bond – 4th Place    JS Bach Invention No.10, BWV 781

USOMC 2018 Award Winners

4C – Open Solo

Sophia Kim – 2nd Place   Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky: Song of the Lark Op.39 #22 in G Major

Treasury of French-Impressionistic Composers Advanced

Sydney Myers – 3rd Place   Gabriel Faure: Impromptu #2, Op. 31 in F Minor

Open Own Composition

Calvin R. Shawler – 3rd Place   Calvin R. Shawler: Impromptu Op. 13 #1 in D Major

Treasury of Romantic Composers Intermediate

Calvin R. Shawler – 3rd Place   Frederic Chopin: Mazurka Op. 67 #3 in C Major

Treasury of Baroque Composers Intermediate

Evie Richardson – 4th Place     J.S. Bach: Invention #8 BWV 779 in F Major

4B – Open Solo

Evie Richardson – 4th Place   W.A. Mozart: Allegro (1st mvt) form Sonata K 545 in C Major

5C – Open Solo

Ruman Das – 4th Place   Franz Schubert: Andante (2nd mvt) from Sonata Op. 120

Once again congratulations to all those who competed in the United States Open Music Competition!


Congratulations to all our piano students who participated in and passed their

National Guild Piano Auditions 2020:

Kenji Aberion*
Matthew Parr
Serena Bond*
Sean Puzder
Debrah Brightley*
Nitin Pramnath*
Annelyse Combitsis*
Evie Richardson*
Ruman Das*
Sana Ramalingam
Ysabelle Gorospe*
Praasha Rout
Steven Huang*
Calvin R. Shawler*
Aine Johnson
Melanie Sanders
Sophia Kim*
Elise Sanders
Yeonjun Kim*
Ava Tolentino*
Alexander Micu
Misha Uberoy
Katelyn Mann
Mina Uberoy
Ayan Mohanty
Dominic Wong*
Tara Martin
Melody Zhao
Olivia O’Donnell
*Top Talent National Guild Recipient