About our Piano Lessons

Individual piano lessons are personalized to each student’s ability level, skill development, and personal goals. Lessons include all styles of music and encompass music theory and history, sight reading, ear training, rhythm, and arrangement using a combination of teaching methods to provide a well-rounded musical education. Group lessons are also offered for children, teens, and adults. These lessons will be taught in a fun and supportive environment while earning the fundamentals of piano playing and music theory.

Individual Lesson Plans:

Classes are held weekly.  Tuition rates below are per month (48 lessons per year).


$ 185

per month

45-minutesMost Popular

$ 270

per month


$ 360

per month

Group Lessons

Weekly classes are 45 minutes in length: 

Piano for Beginners

Age Groups:  5-7 yrs; 8-12 yrs; 13-17 yrs; Adult


Step-by-step 6 week course guides students through the fundamentals of piano playing which includes rhythm, music notation and music theory.  The students will be able to play satisfying and entertaining pieces from the very first lesson. These lessons will be taught in a fun & supportive environment.  Challenging enough to be interesting, yet easy enough to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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