About our Drum Lessons

If you are considering drumming lessons for your child, our patient and encouraging drum instructors will help your child build a solid foundation. At Galina’s Music Studio we specialize in drum lessons for beginners. Students appreciate the family-oriented atmosphere at Galina’s Music Studio. Our warm and encouraging degreed instructors have the knowledge and patients to help young musicians overcome any challenges they may face when first starting off on drums. The ability to play with a steady beat and to read and play basic rhythms is a fundamental skill that helps all young musicians.

For the more advanced student our instructors can help improve their skill on the drum or other percussion instruments.

For more information regarding drum lessons and to find your new drumming instructor please contact us at Galina’s Music Studio.   


$185.00 / month 30 minute lesson; $270.00 / month 45 minute lesson; $360.00 / month 60 minute lesson


Try out and join our GMS House Band (Any Instrument).  Band meets for 1 hour each week with our band instructor.  The band will perform live show as they become available.  Tuition $80.00 / month 60 minute

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Band Tuition